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Web Development
Web Development
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Web Development

ASCENDIA is usually involved in large scale web design and development projects. Most of these projects are for clients outside Romania, but we are the providers of innovative technical solutions for a few Romanian initiatives too.

The process of web applications development has two distinct challenges: the design of graphical items (Web Design) and the development of the core engine (Web Development). We have the capacity to cover both, as ASCENDIA’s team has both experienced programmers and skilled designers.

Project analysis

Before we develop an online project we must predict the return on investment. This requires a concise analyse prior to the project take-off and a focused and continuous analytics process to measure the specific performances.

We develop

  • eCommerce site
  • community portal
  • corporate & small business website
  • intranet or internet based application
  • Facebook applications
  • Smartphone/Tablet website or web based application


When we undertake an online project we must ensure that it will reach the maximum performance on any device from PC and Mac to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.


Technologies are changing even faster than project deadlines. Our Research & Development department keeps an eye on what’s new so the programmers won’t miss any information and stay up-to-date.

  • Web: HTML 5, CSS 2/3
  • Design and Animation: Adobe Flash + ActionScript 2/3
  • Client side scripting: JavaScript, jQuery
  • Server side scripting: PHP
  • Enterprise Applications: Java, JSP, EJB
  • Database Management: MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • 3D Modeling Environments: Autodesk, Virtools, Unity

Social Media

People spend more time socializing than browsing. Building a website without social media integration is like fishing without any bait.