Our portfolio: Peter and Noah’s Ark


55+ different educational activities organized in 16 modules
EduTeca: Peter and Noah’s Ark is the first application from The Explorers Series.
Noah is the virtual teacher in this application.
In “Peter and Noah’s Ark”, the child will learn about:
Noah and his family.
The animals: where they live and what they eat. Animal pairs. Recognize animal sounds. Recognize animal footprints and patterns.
The story of Noah: Why was the ark built? How it was built? Who helped build it and what materials were used?
Numbers: addition, subtraction, neighbors.
Geometric shapes, operations and inferences.
Letters: recognition and word formation.
Educational modules:
1. Sorting: 5 levels
Small to big, big to small, association with geometric figures, hours on the clock, animal names.
2. Shadows: 5 levels
Recognize the animals depending on the shadows, ascending order, letters recognition
3. Pairs: 5 levels
Forming pairs of animals, male-female – depending on the outline
4. Fauna Friends
Coloring: animals and Noah
5. Family
Coloring: Scene with Noah and Emzara, the 3 boys, Noah and the rainbow
6. Together: 5 levels
Puzzles related to Noah’s family, feeding animals, Shem, Ham, Japheth
7. Underwater: 5 levels
Puzzles: Marine life, dolphins, whales, clown fish, octopus
8. Holidays
The child can mark important holidays and how he feels every day.
9. Animal voices: 5 levels
Recognize animals after their voice, voices sequence, digits, correlation with animals
10. The Story of Noah
The story told by Noah. God’s message, Flood, dove, Noah’s family, why they built the ark, the role of the animals, the rainbow
11. Questions and Answers
Game summary: Questions about the Flood, animal pairs, gopher wood, representing the rainbow.
12.Provisions for the road: 5 levels
Addition, Correlations, letters-list
13.Ark Building: 5 levels
Building of the ark, geometric shapes, used tools, color code, code letter, digit code
14. Wood for the Ark: 5 levels
Maze with animal names, word formation.
15. What is missing? 5 Levels
Feed the animals, animal skin patterns, living environment, sums, color, animal footprints
16. Invaluable help
Game summary: Names Noah, the three boys, supplies, the dove, the olive branch

  • Client : Ascendia
  • Date : 12/10/2013