Our portfolio: Dacobots – eLearning for Kids


The main purpose of the Dacobots portal is to train and educate the new generations in a modern environment. To this resolve, it is necessary that the methods employed to disseminate information ensure an efficient way of capturing the kids’ attention. The Dacobots portal provides a wide range of educational games that are meant to enrich the knowledge of its users and to enhance their cognitive abilities in an entertaining way.

Edutainment based (Education + Entertainment)

The portal is an online platform with eLearning games targeting 4 to 12 years olds with an appetite for technology and future advancements. To help along the way, the users are guided through the content by five robots which have the role of elearning avatars: Zalmox, Derzelis, G4, H.E.N.A and L.A.U.

The company has a partnership with Samsung for publishing the content of the platform on SmartTVs.


  • Client : Ascendia S.A.
  • Date : 14/12/2016