Our portfolio: Ascendia’s Astronomy – the 7th iBook Textbook Released to the World

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  • Ascendia’s Astronomy – the 7th iBook Textbook Released to the World

Interested in new educational know-hows? A new textbook is now in the open!

Apple is introducing an entirely new kind of textbooks for iPads. The need of new and modern educational tools led to the idea of a different sort of textbook – one created by publishers using a new authoring tool from Apple. These textbooks will soon replace the traditional ones, consequently eliminating all their potential faults: deterioration, heavy backpacks, limited number of copies, etc. The iBook textbooks are perfect for today’s students, who are totally drawn by technology.
Ascendia presents Astronomy – the 7th iBook textbook released on Apple’s Science&Nature iBooks textbooks category
Ascendia’s Astronomy is a multi-touch textbook available on iPads that includes eye-catching 3D models, explanatory videos, widgets, and photo galleries. A Glimpse of the Solar System is a brief presentation of three topics: Telescopes, Spaceships and Space Probes, and Orbs. This general introduction will help learners find out relevant information about Astronomy.
Enjoy no limitations and no educational barriers with Ascendia’s new iBook textbook available on your iPad with iBooks.

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/ascendias-astronomy/id499306985?mt=13

Project description

From Ancient times to the present, space has always been the last frontier. What was once seen as the land of Gods is now the land of man.

Find out about Telescopes, Spaceships and Space Probes, and Orbs with our presentation, A Glimpse of the Solar System. This brief overview will approximate learners to the great field of Astronomy.

Each chapter contains interactive materials:

  • 3D models
  • explanatory videos
  • widgets
  • photo galleries

Observe. Telescopes

This chapter presents the following telescopes: the Newtonian Telescope, the Refractor Telescope, the Dome Telescope, the Radio Telescope, the Cherenkov Telescope, the Hubble Telescope.

Explore. Spaceships and Space Probes

In this chapter you can find out information about Ariane 5 rocket and Columbia space shuttle. The three space probes presented are: Voyager, Galileo and Deep Space 1.

Travel. Orbs

This chapter deals with some of the celestial objects in our Solar System: Earth, Moon, Mars, Saturn, comets and asteroids.

  • Client : Ascendia
  • Date : 29/03/2012