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Five questions for eSkills awards winner Cosmin Mălureanu
Five questions for eSkills awards winner Cosmin Mălureanu
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You are a young European entrepreneur. How important are intercultural skills in today’s globalised context?

In the last 25 years, the world has evolved into a huge open space, where information, goods and services have no borders – or almost. In this context, the ability to understand the people and entities you communicate and conduct business with is as important as being able to speak English.

Cultural differences and similarities are important factors for any idea or business to reach its potential, so all the partners in a discussion should be able to understand and adapt to the particularities of each other’s cultural background.

With the rapid development of ICT, what do you imagine our world will be like ten years from now? How do you think you and your business can help make this vision a reality?

The ICT era is upon us. Whether we talk about 3D organic printers, driverless cars, holographic TVs, telemedicine or other technologies out there or in the making, they will all evolve at an accelerated pace in the following years. These all rely on software and the software relies on people. Personally, I believe that whatever you do, you need to continuously learn new things and both you and the world around you will benefit from this.

Ascendia, as an eLearning software provider, is dedicated to delivering quality educational software, whether we talk about educational games, digital textbooks or eContent for adult learning. We consider education as the basis of society’s evolution and, through our software, we contribute to this ongoing process.

What do you take away from your trip to China, and your visit to Huawei’s facilities there?

This trip gave me the opportunity to better understand China in general and Huawei in particular. I got to see some interesting cultural places, I got to try diverse cuisine, I interacted with a lot of people and found out many interesting things.

I got a glimpse of China, of what is behind the fastest growing economic power in the world. It is a different culture, where people have a different perspective on work and where products and services, of all kinds, are subject to huge demand now. A country with a specific labour market where industries of all kinds thrive because of a few clear reasons.

I was very impressed by Huawei’s Exhibition Centre in Beijing! It is packed with technology, you can get a glimpse of the future there. Of course I knew a few things about Huawei prior to my trip to China, but the meetings at HQ in Shenzhen gave me a new perspective on the company.

You got a closer look at the technologies and networks that connect our world during the visit at Huawei’s exhibition centres. Did this provide you with new insights for yourself or your business?

As an eLearning provider, Ascendia is focused on keeping its products and services adapted to the continuously transforming world of technology. So whether we talk about smart devices, smart homes, smart schools or other factors that contribute to the eLearning environment, we need to keep a close eye on them. One factor we definitely identified as a game changer in the years to come seems to be 5G technology, which will have a major impact on the IoT. This was a clear conclusion of Huawei’s strategy, as many new technologies, both software and hardware, seem to be developed for this coming new context.

Ascendia has been developing educational software for the last 8 years and our lines of business include educational software for kindergarten, digital textbooks, eLearning content for adult learning and learning management systems. In terms of a possible expansion of our business, the trip opened many opportunities. China is huge, yet it remains a market hard to access for an SME. The trip opened a few doors that we will explore in the near future.

As the winner of the “Digital Entrepreneurship Award”, what are the most important aspects of this initiative for you personally?

Winning the Digital Entrepreneurship Award 2014 brought me and Ascendia European recognition for the good eLearning related services and products our company provides.

The eSkills for Jobs campaign responds to the current global trend towards digitisation: the initiative aims to prepare people for the jobs of the present and of the future, to make them realise how the world changes and what skills set they will need in the society of the future.

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