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CEO Cosmin Mălureanu featured in Parliament Magazine – Brussels, Belgium
CEO Cosmin Mălureanu featured in Parliament Magazine – Brussels, Belgium
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Education is the foundation of society’s evolution.

Digital champions: Cosmin Mălureanu used his eSkills to make his dream of bringing education closer to all those who use the Internet come true.

As digital industry advances, navigating the brave new world that these technologies have created becomes easier every day. Every citizen is constantly given opportunities to access the latest learning tools. Cosmin Mălureanu, founder of Ascendia in Romania, describes this phenomenon perfectly – “eLearning is no longer something exotic. eSkills are an important aspect of education, not some far-off idea.”

The winners of the future will undoubtedly be those who invest in advancing their IT skills. Acquiring eSkills at an early age will help youths to win jobs in the 21st Century workforce. Cosmin intuitively knew that he wanted to work in the IT community when he was in high school – but it wasn’t until he had taken several computer programming classes and began building educational software that he decided to create and run his own digital technology company.

His infectious passion for eLearning, combined with his entrepreneurship education from Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Europe led him to start Ascendia, a company founded on the principle that: “There should be specialized companies that actually develop digital content.”

Ascendia, which was founded in 2007, today employs 24 people. The company provides e-learning materials around the globe, and has created over 7,000 interactive items, which add up to more than 500 hours of e-learning content. Cosmin tells the story of a phone call he received from the mother of a child who had a mental disability. She told him that after only a week of using his product, EduTeca – a series of eight eLearning CDs her child became more responsive and engaged than ever before. Inspired by this, Cosmin realized that his work meant more than just a job. Since then his personal mission has been to deliver quality eLearning materials for people of all ages. His belief is that “Education is the foundation of society’s evolution.”

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