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The Dacobots educational portal is now LIVE!
The Dacobots educational portal is now LIVE!

The Beta version of the educational portal is now LIVE.

The Dacobots educational portal is organized as an online platform with educational games targeting kids between 4 and 12 years old. It has multicultural content and is based especially on the edutaiment concept, which translates into education through gaming. The first phase of the project has been finalized (the web platform and the first educational games), an important milestone being reached through the launching of the Beta version. 

The objective of the portal is to prepare and to educate the new generations in a modern environment, taking into account the technological evolution and especially the passion of the kids for digital technology. To this resolve, it is necessary that the methods utilized for the transmission of information to ensure an efficient way to capture the kids attention. The Dacobots portal provides for it’s users a range of educational games meant to enrich their knowledge and to enhance their cognitive abilities in a fun way. The world of the Dacobots is a world of tomorrow, of technology, where education and entertainment are blending. The educational content offers information from various themes, presented in accordance with the latest scientific discoveries.

Targeted age range – The targeted audience consists of kids age 4 to 12. The young pupils will be guided by five robots which will have the role of virtual teachers: Zalmox, Derzelis, G4, H.E.N.A and Lau.

Subjects – The 6 targeted subjects of the Dacobots portal, in this initial phase are: Health, Math, Science, Language, History and Art.

Themes – The Beta version the portal consists of 30 educational games grouped based on their targeted themes into several series: Brain Power, Healthy Eating, Dangerous Habits, Parts of Speech, Bygone Civilisations, Basics of Genetics, Arithmetics. Other series will be developed during the product’s development phase.

Access – In the Beta version the access is free of charge. After the expiry of the live testing phase, a subscription based system will be introduced for the access to all the educational games. The portal and its educational games can be accessed from PCs, MAC systems, tablets and smart phones having as operating systems Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Android or IOS.

Dacobots_PortalImplementation languages:

  • English – international spoken language chosen for the Beta version
  • Romanian – the educational games in Romanian will be launched in September 2016, following the the start of the new school year in Romania
  • Other languages – starting with the first half of 2017

Partnerships – The next step in the product’s development plan is to establish strategic partnerships, both local and international, for the promotion of the developed content.

A number of additional iterations are in the making and relevant details will be provided in a timely manner, strategic considerations being of concern.