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EduTeca – The Seasons
EduTeca – The Seasons

The Seasons is a series of eight interactive educational CDs addressed to preschoolers. The series is included in the EduTeca Collection.

8 CDs with educational games for preschoolers

For every season, we’ve created two e-learning CDs, which include more than 20 educational games for preschoolers each. Although they are commonly known as “games”, they are in fact complex educational activities created with the help of pedagogy experts, kindergarten teachers, and psychologists.

The educational games on The Seasons CDs aim to make children learn on their own. They can discover the wonderful world of The Seasons by completing the available tasks. They can learn and play at the same time, while also acquiring knowledge as a result of their own actions. This is the key factor for an effective learning process. The Seasons CDs offer the following benefits:

  • intuitive learning
  • creativity cultivation
  • dexterity improvement
  • imagination development

Why The Seasons?

The effectiveness of the educational process for preschoolers is ensured by two factors:

  • attracting children with entertaining and challenging activities
  • simulating real-life situations to facilitate understanting and memorization

We have chosen the seasons because each of them has its own specific activities determined by weather and nature changes. Children will be able to learn about the weather, nature, animals, flowers, vegetables, fruit, human activities, and holidays. Children can also attain basic math skills by performing additions and subtractions with numbers from 1 to 9.


The Virtual Teacher

Each CD is a door to a magical world that the child enters to meet different characters and situations. There are four fairies, one for each season. The Fairy is the main character, a virtual teacher that guides children along the games by offering help and congratulating them for their achievements. There are also fairy’s helpers, some playful characters which are trying to solve the given challenges along with the child.

The tasks are delivered at the beginning of each game, but children are also provided with constant audio and visual feedback.

The Learning Objectives

The CDs have two major didactic objectives:

  • general objectives: general motor skills, social, emotional, and cognitive abilities. Examples: synthesis and analysis, creativity, recognition and comparison, counting and calculating.
  • specific objectives: learning and systematizing the main characteristics of the seasons.


The Structure

A single CD includes more chapters. The structure is very easy to understand:

main screen –> chapter –> educational module

There are three types of educational modules: expository animations, experiments, and interactive games.
The interactive games use different applications:

  • drag and drop
  • point and click
  • color and print
  • puzzle
  • maze