Ascendia means 9 countries, over 1100 hours of educational content, more than 8000 interactive eLearning objects.

Behind the numbers we are a team of enthusiastic people. Some of us young and creative, some of us with a long term experience in eLearning, 3D modelling and computer arts. Our team presently consists of 27 members and it’s still expanding.

Our main goal…

… is to find the most challenging projects in education. Technologies are changing fast. We manage to stay up date by creating dynamic teams around each project. We all share knowledge with each other and keep a strong focus on results.

We are proud of projects:

  • EduTeca Collection – 14 massive apps with educational games for preschool children
  • over 500 hours of multilanguage/multicultural interactive educational courses for K12
  • eContent for corporations, state and public institutions
  • Apple iStore Apps for kids

Given the fact that eLearning is a sum of cutting edge technologies, we easily manage to undertake other collateral IT projects, such as software, web and mobile development.

Area of expertise

ASCENDIA provides highly qualified expertise in terms of design, customization of many applications:

  • eLearning courses, especially SCORM 2004 and AIC compliant
  • interactive applications (3D models, simulations, scientific models, virtual laboratories)
  • multiplayer game engines and synchronous or turn-based games
  • multimedia presentations (video, sound, interactivity, 3D simulations)
  • web applications and portals
  • mobile applications

Our art…

…is found in every single product that we devise. It embraces multiple shapes, from the animated characters that children interact with, to the ergonomic interfaces of the software or web projects which we create. Our products are enriched by graphic designs that facilitate the information exchange.

Research and Development

ASCENDIA has developed several in-house and outsourced R&D projects as well. Their result was a set of technologies and software libraries. Here are some examples:

  • the MathML Render – a software component which enables applications developed in Adobe Flash to display Academic quality Math formulas within online environments,
  • SENFBK – a software library which allows eLearning products designed for Special Education Needs to provide a very granular explicative and incremental feedback.


Our company’s expertise was acknowledged through the nomination as a Romanian representative at the 2011 edition of World Summit Award, due to our high-end e-learning application focused on Astronomy.


Programul Operațional Competitivitate 2014 – 2020

S.C. ASCENDIA S.A. anunță finalizarea implementării proiectul “Servicii inovative pentru publicarea, editarea, consultarea și gestiunea online a manualelor școlare”, în baza contractului de finanțare nr 89/09.08.2017, încheiat cu Ministerul Dezvoltării Regionale, Administrației Publice și Fondurilor Europene – în calitate de Autoritate de Management pentru Programul Operațional Competitivitate (POC) – și cu Ministerul Comunicațiilor și Societății Informaționale – în calitate de Organism Intermediar pentru Programul Operațional Competitivitate. Proiectul a fost finanțat din Programul Operațional Competitivitate 2014 – 2020, Axa Prioritară 2 - Tehnologia Informației și Comunicației (TIC) pentru o economie digitală competitivă, Acțiunea 2.2.1 - ”Sprijinirea creșterii valorii adăugate generate de sectorul TIC și a inovării în domeniu prin dezvoltarea de clustere”. Ca urmare a implementării proiectului, Ascendia S.A. a realizat un produs inovativ, LIVRESQ, o platformă ce permite dezvoltarea și publicarea de materiale educaționale în format digital interactiv, într-un mod facil, fără a fi nevoie de cunoștințe de programare. Este o platformă online full responsive, adaptată lucrului pe o multitudine de terminale și ecrane, de la desktop la smartphone. Platforma poate fi accesată la adresa

Programul Operaţional Sectorial
"Creşterea Competitivităţii Economice"
"Investiţii pentru viitorul dumneavoastră"


- proiect co-finanţat prin Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regională -
- perioadă implementare 12.2012 - 04.2013 -

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