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The Dacobots educational portal is now LIVE!
By admin In eLearning, News & Events Posted 29/08/2016 0 Comments
The Beta version of the educational portal is now LIVE. The Dacobots educational portal is organized as an online platform with educational games targeting kids between 4 and 12 years old. It has multicultural content and is based especially on the edutaiment concept, which translates into education through gaming. The first phase of the project […]
EduTeca Digital Textbook
We decided to answer the call of the Romanian Minister of Education, Remus Pricopie, and get involved in this educational project that is so important for the future of Romania. Now, in 2014, our EduTeca brand expands to school level. Our digital textbook for the 2nd grade called “Communication in the Romanian Language” is now ready and […]
Alex Mălureanu talks about the eLearning industry on the Wall Street website
According to an article on the website, eLearning courses are becoming more and more sought after by Romanian companies. On the one hand, the costs for training their staff are reduced by up to 70 % through this method; on the other hand, the employees’ productivity can increase by up to 55 %. This […]
EduTeca Collection
By admin In eLearning Posted 21/05/2014 0 Comments
Ascendia is currently developing a collection of educational software for children aged three to eleven. The core of this e-learning collection consists of three series – The Seasons, The Explorers and The Friends of Health. Every series consists of eight applications, each including 15 to 20 interconnected educational games that are narrated by professional actors […]
We launched the EduTeca Online Community
We are now a community! We will share news, eLearning articles and contests, as well as other valuable pieces of information related to children’s education on our new website. Visit us at
EduTeca – The Seasons
The Seasons is a series of eight interactive educational CDs addressed to preschoolers. The series is included in the EduTeca Collection. 8 CDs with educational games for preschoolers For every season, we’ve created two e-learning CDs, which include more than 20 educational games for preschoolers each. Although they are commonly known as “games”, they are […]
K12 eContent
By admin In eLearning Posted 18/12/2011 0 Comments
 The rapid growth of information technologies has influenced the way education is delivered and experienced. Some of the potential benefits of eLearning for high school are as follows: Learning can take place outside school hours Students don’t have to be physically in the school building to make use of learning resources Students can build confidence […]
eContent for Corporate Training
By admin In eLearning, Home Page Posted 17/12/2011 0 Comments
Today, the ability to filter and assimilate new knowledge drives to performance. As long as continuous learning is the key factor in achieving long term performance, eLearning is not an option, it’s a must. Today, the ability to filter and assimilate new knowledge drives to performance. eLearning is no more an exotic option, but a […]
Mobile Learning – mLearning
By admin In eLearning, Home Page Posted 16/12/2011 0 Comments
Any time, anywhere, at your peace are the key elements of eLearning. Nowadays anywhere means much more. We can easily translate classic PC courses into apps for phones and tablets. We create interactive applications augmented by the smartphones features like touchscreen for navigation or camera for object identification, microphone for voice input or recognition.  
Learning Management System
By admin In eLearning Posted 15/12/2011 0 Comments
The performance of an organisation is not granted by the sum of the skills of all his members but is ensured by the sum of all skills they use achieving the organization’s goals. A Learning Management System helps an organization sychronize and adjust the skills of his members to its specific goals. A LMS will […]


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